Follicle Hero Shampoo


A new era in hair and scalp health has started, use Follicle Hero to cleanse, nourish, revitalise and strengthen your hair starting from your scalp down to your tips.

For daily use. Suitable for all hair types

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Follicle Hero Shampoo will nourish, strengthen, voluminize and revitalise your hair starting from the scalp & follicles through the hair shafts down to the tips.

Follicle Hero Conditioner

Clinically proven to significantly decrease hair loss, reinforce the hair structure and protein content, increase the hair volume and improve the brightness of hair colour and its sheen. Formulated with exclusive ingredient KerCysteine, and enriched with powerful antioxidant Aloe Vera gel for scalp purification and activation of follicle oxygenation, coconut oil to soothe the scalp, smooth and hydrate hair and biotin to strengthen and stimulate. Follicle Hero acts to nourish and strengthen hair from roots to tips leaving hair denser, stronger and brighter.

Key Ingredients

The oligopeptides of key ingredient KerCysteine, when applied to the hair react with the keratin of the hair and inserts themselves into the damaged capillary structure forming a protective film on its surface, leaving the hair thicker, stronger and shinier. Keratin, Biotin, refined Coconut Oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera gel. Subtle scent of fresh green tea and cucumber.


73% reduction
in hair loss

86% increase in
hair volume

86% increase in hair
brightness, health
and moisture

19% increase in hair
protein content

Keratin, Biotin, refined coconut oil.. Subtle scent of fresh green tea and cucumber.


This shampoo should be used consistently. Wash your hair in your normal washing schedule and leave on scalp for 1 minute before rinsing.

Follicle Hero Shampoo – How to Use


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